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🔴 Louis Vuitton Airline Label Postcard Sticker- INTERFLUG

🔴 Louis Vuitton Airline Label Postcard Sticker- INTERFLUG

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Louis Vuitton Airline Label Postcard - INTERFLUG

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Condition Notes:
New, Unused Condition

This item may be used as a post card and/or as a label.

From Louis Vuitton:

"Gaston-Louis Vuitton (1883-1970), grandson of Louis, inquisitive
by nature and bibliophile, built up a unique collection of more than three
thousand labels, now meticulously preserved in the archives of the House.
These were used by hotels, airlines and ocean liners, pasted on trunks
and other pieces of luggage, to inform onlookers about the wide-ranging
travels of their owners. With their strong lines and colourful illustrations,
those affixed by airlines bear witness to their time. Legendary carriers such
as Swissair, Japan Airlines, Air France, Delta Airlines and Varig inspired
heavenly heights of imagination, dissolving boundaries along the way.
The trunk-maker began serving this new golden age of travel well before
regular connections became accessible to passengers. As early as 1910,
he developed luggage pieces specifically suited to very first aeroplanes
- the Aéro trunk, weighing under 57 pounds, and its ladies' counterpart,
the Aviette, only about 62 pounds. These quickly gained favour with
dashing pilots like Louis Blériot, Roland Garros and Charles Lindbergh.
Owing to his generous girth, Gaston-Louis Vuitton even enjoyed the honour
of joining the first line of defence to protect the American aviator from
the great gathering of humanity charging his plane, the Spirit of St. Louis,
when it landed at Le Bourget on 21 May 1927. Lindbergh had just
completed the first non-stop transatlantic flight, connecting New York and
Paris in thirty-three hours and thirty minutes.

The House is pleased to present thirty vintage airline labels from
the Gaston-Louis Vuitton collection, reproduced as postcards. Following
upon the releases of three earlier box sets as well as a hardcover volume,
the trunk-maker continues to pay tribute to the bygone tradition of sticking
labels on the trunks and luggage pieces of great travellers."


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