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🔴 Hotel Label Sticker Postcard - G Hotel Continental

🔴 Hotel Label Sticker Postcard - G Hotel Continental

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Louis Vuitton Hotel Label Sticker Postcard - G Hotel Continental

100% Authentic - Money-Back Guarantee

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New, Unused Condition

This item may be used as a post card and/or as a label.

From Louis Vuitton:

"Gaston-Louis Vuitton (1883-1970), grandson of Louis,
booklover, traveller and collector has, throughout his life, put to-
gether a unique collection of 3,000 hotel labels which are today
kept in the House archives. Stuck onto trunks and luggage, these
labels admittedly had an advertising objective but also created
the desire to travel the world, as well as providing information
on the journeys and detours made by the owner of said trunk.
Some would read into the way the labels were stuck onto the
luggage a code allowing hotel staff to communicate with each
other and to indicate the value of the customer in terms of tips.
In this way, there is said to have been a secret language of hotel
labels; bellboys and porters labelled the traveller both literally
and figuratively: « very generous », « bad », « unpleasant but
good », « beginner not used to travelling » or even « unpleasant
leech », if we are to believe a well-informed newspaper article
from that period.

Louis Vuitton publishes 30 postcards reproducing 30 hotel labels
from its private collection. Presented in an elegant boxed set,
each postcard equally evokes the art of travel and the great ho-
tels of the world, from the Plazza Athénée in Paris to the Astor
House in Shanghai. Louis Vuitton thus pays tribute to this lost tra-
dition which consisted in sticking hotel labels on the trunks and
luggage of passing travellers."


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